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PaystubHero is a pay stub generator company that provides financial documents to entrepreneurs, freelancers, and employers.


Create professional pay stubs quickly and easily with our paystub generator, starting at $7.50 per stub, perfect for employers and freelancers.

Generate W-2 forms online with ease using our W-2 form generator, designed for employers to provide accurate tax documents, starting at $12.99 per form.

Create 1099-MISC forms effortlessly with our online generator, ideal for freelancers and contractors needing accurate tax documentation, starting at $12.99 per form.

Generate 1099-NEC forms quickly using our easy-to-use online tool, suitable for reporting non-employee compensation, starting at $12.99 per form.

Create professional invoices with our invoice generator, tailored for freelancers and small businesses to manage billing efficiently, starting at $7.50 per invoice.

Generate customized offer letters for new hires with our offer letter generator, helping employers streamline their hiring process, starting at $12.99 per letter.

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Description: Explore our competitive pricing plans for generating financial documents, including pay stubs, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, and more.

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Get in touch with PaystubHero for any inquiries or support needs regarding our financial document generation services.

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Learn more about PaystubHero, our mission, and how we provide top-notch financial document generation services for businesses and freelancers.

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Find answers to common questions about PaystubHero’s services, including how to generate pay stubs, W-2 forms, 1099 forms, and more.

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Explore our blog for insights and articles on all our products, payroll, management, finance, and entrepreneur tips and solutions. Stay updated with the latest trends and best practices to help you manage your business finances effectively.

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